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Or, rather, I should say “I faked it ’til He made me.”

The backstory

If you’ve been reading my articles on Medium, you know some or all of the following: I’m an adult child of an angry, emotionally abusive, alcoholic father who covertly incested me. My codependent mother left me and my brother with our father when I was 16 years old.

I’ve survived lupus, a nervous-system physical handicap (from the lupus: I’m numb from the waist down; I lost my sense of balance, and I can’t stand or walk unassisted and even then for just a few minutes), a stroke (lupus-related)…

God doesn't send" people to hell. People send themselves to hell by their choices and actions.

It seems Medium is closing a number of publications., includingI PS: I Love You and now this one. You will grieve; your contacts here will sift themselves into friendships beyond the publication; and you and your tribe will morph as you find a new muse to prompt your writing :-) (((Hugs)))

All I can say is, "wow." You described me EXACTLY! I'll be more prone now to think of interrupions as holy opportunities. Now I just have to think of a way to mark my place when I stop my work when my "appointment" arrives :-)

Well . . . mind blown. I have been praying for many, many years to be healed of a significant physical handicap and have never thought about my prayer in the framework you offer in this story. I'm still not sure how you're using the word "substance" here, but I've reread your article twice now and will keep rereading it until I understand. I belive God sent me a preminatory dream many years ago as an answer to my plea and I feel that this dream is now unfolding into reality, like I'm slowly growing into His promise. So perhaps He has already answered me and I just have to keep praying out of the substance of His answer.

You wrote: ". . . we have failed to learn to steward God’s presence"

I've never come across the concept of stewarding God's presence and will be researching it! TY.

Excellent Medium story. I had to refrain from highlighting the entire story :-)

VERY powerfull message! Thank you for shring it with us.

You wrote: "That’s right, Peter, who would soon deny ever knowing Jesus, confessed that Jesus was the only one worth following."

I wish you had expounded a bit on Peter's process from committment to denial and the challenges that some Christians sometimes go through in their "following" process. There seems to be something meatier to explorehere :-) Your story is a good reminder, though . . .

Excellent story written "to the bone" (i.e., simple, clear, and well-referenced). I really appreciate your writing skills!

You wrote: "But if we come to Jesus with not our mouths open and ready to speak, but our figurative ears attentive and ready to hear, then we will certainly receive God’s words at a higher volume than our own."

There's a reason God gave us one mouth but two ears ;-)

Yes, yes, yes! Self-love--i.e., self-care and self-respect--is integral to he healthy survival of our community, country, world. The relationship between self-love and other-love works according to the human phenomenon of projection. We project onto others what we think and feel about ourselves. If we neglect ourselves; we will neglect others. If we disrespect oursleves, we will disrespect others; and so on. I daresay heaven would be the state of loving ourselves such that we project love onto others by caring for and respecting them. When Jesus commanded us to love others as ourelves, he meant we should love each otheer LIKE we love ourselves and we should love each other WHILE we are in the prcess of loving oursleves.

Asil Fenn

Recovering adult child of an alcoholic; introverted, God-loving, creatively weird human being

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